Monday, August 29, 2011

Angel Update

Angel finally got her surgery this past Friday! I didn't want to write a post until we knew the true status, but I am happy to report that she is doing well! For all of you that know Angel, you know that she can be a little... handicap, socially awkward, spacey... and she was digging at her stitches, so now she has to wear this lovely gem for two weeks. HA&^%#@ cracks me up.

I think it suits her quite well :)
The day before her surgery, we prepared the house by laying scrap carpet pieces and rugs over the hardwood floors so she won't slip around and re-injure herself during recovery. Angel is not a big fan of hardwood floors anyways so she was so happy to lay her belly on some cozy carpet.

Poor thing had no idea what was coming the next day :(
The surgery was "routine" for the vet, but the recovery is long and she will need a lot of attention and TLC for the next 8 weeks. Hopefully, in three months or so, Angel will be able to climb the stairs to my apartment (she already hates stairs as it is) and hang out with her big sis.

My family and I want to thank all of you for generosity and help in this time of need. And Angel sure does appreciate it too :) I would also like to thank the Gauders (recently married! Congrats!) for helping make the donation website and paving the road for Angel's surgery. They were also kind enough to donate the money that their dog won in a contest (for being adorable) to our Angel in need. They "gave Angel her wings" and we could not be more grateful. 

You are all the best!

See, she's posing for you.

For the back story of angel's surgery, visit and my last Angel blog post

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Move in Day

Welp, here it is!.. Move in day :)

This weekend I am moving into my new apartment next to the Fraze pavilion in Kettering and I'm so excited! I can't wait to decorate and get settled. My roommate's name is Jess also and I will be sure to update you on our apartment progress.

Am I looking forward to moving for the 5th time since college graduation? No. But I am so excited to have my name on a lease, a semi-permanent address, and a bedroom and bathroom that's all mine! Woot.

P.s. if anyone in Dayton is bored out of their mind (entirely plausible), and has nothing better to do than to help me move to kill time, I will be forever in debt to you. Not really, but I will give you pizza and beer and let you jump in my pool. Sounds like an amazing red-neck kind of day to me.

(My mouse is broken, so deal with it!)

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cubicle Blues

I move into my apartment August 20th and my creative wheels are cranking. I'm excited to have an apartment to decorate and I look forward to sharing my new ideas with you all. My first project is to make over a tiny breakfast table set my mom found at a garage sale for $15. This little table will make the cutest patio table on my new porch :) Look for updates soon.

With my new apartment also comes my new job.. and for those of you like me who are still in an office cubicle.. you know that it helps to add a few warming touches here and there to brighten up your work day.

I have been eyeing these perfectly tiny terrariums for quite some time now and I finally purchased them to accent my cubicle. They only require a drop of water and minimal sunlight so they will survive in even the dreariest of offices. I may purchase another set for my apartment because they would look so cute lining a window sill.

You can find these cute terrariums and other furry goodies at Tortoise Loves Donkey's Etsy page.

On another exciting note.. I am only about 120 pageviews away from 10,000 views! Thank you so much for reading everyone! XoxoX

Monday, August 8, 2011

I Have A Confession To Make...

I like Cleveland.

Yep, I said it. I didn't want to admit it at first but I really do. 

People who are from Cleveland even have a love/hate relationship with it. It is the butt of many jokes, in the winter time they report a miserably large amount of snow, and they love to hate this man.

Last weekend I went to Cleveland to visit Adam's family and had one of the best weekends I've had in a long time. His family welcomed me with open arms, even though I'm sure his mother would have preferred a Jewish girl ;) JK, they are truly wonderful people.

We started off the day on Saturday with breakfast at the yacht club and an afternoon sail on his parent's sail boat. Without a view of land in the horizon, Lake Erie felt more like an ocean than a lake. It was gorgeous. Sailing takes a lot more work than I ever thought.. it's all manual.. it would take a lot of work and tricks to be able to go sailing by yourself. It was incredible though to see Adam and his dad working together and I would love to say that I grew up on the water.

The Family :)

My Favorite Picture!

After a day of fun on the water (and a nauseously hungover sail) we headed off to Great Lakes Brewery. We tried to get a table for dinner but the wait was too long so we headed down to the bar/cellar for some yummy tastings. We each got a pint of their specialty beers on tap for the week, Traffic Light and Market Street Wheat. I loved the Traffic Light and he loved the Market Street so it worked out perfectly. I definitely need to go back next time I'm in town.

Next, we met up with Adam's old college roommates and our friends from OU for the Indians game. We scalped tickets for $8 a piece and went in around the 5th inning, so we would be able to sneak down with our friends right behind home plate. The seats were amazing. I took this picture with my cell phone from our seats:

Even though we had an incredibly annoying stuck up family in front of us... heaven forbid we say the H-E-double hockey sticks word.. it was an amazing night... and the Indians pulled out a WIN! I am a Reds fan but I love all Ohio teams (except the Bengals). It was really odd because after the game, no one left their seat. It was weird.. usually people are rushing out at the 6th inning to beat traffic.. then we saw signs that said Rock and Blast tonight after the game. We assumed fireworks so we stuck around. Good thing we did.

Rock and Blast was an extravagant fireworks show synchronized to 30 seconds clips of all the rock classics... Adam was in heaven and I thought I was going to have a seizure I was in awe.

So yes, I loved Cleveland and I'm looking forward to our next trip, whenever that may be. The best part is, I was telling my best friend Ally about Cleveland and her boyfriend is from Cleveland too.. she leaned forward and whispered "isn't Cleveland fun?!" like it was a secret :)

I had to:

Monday, August 1, 2011


My brother-in-law Patrick recently turned me on to one of the most exhaustingly amazing workouts ever.

<< the Slack Line >>

What is slacklining?
Slacklining is the act of balancing along a narrow, flexible piece of webbing usually low to the ground. Originating in the climbing world, it has become popular for balance and movement training, core strength, and FUN.

*The slack line we used was a 2 inch Classic Slack Line purchased from Gibbon.

They sure do make this look easy...

After his first experience with a 1" slack line, he purchased a 2" to master first. We set up camp at Newcom Park in the Oregon District, finding a perfect set of trees and a nice patch of forgiving grass (assuming we would be falling often). Patrick made it all the way across for his first time and then many times after. Adam made it half way and I was only able to master 6 steps! (but I am very proud of those 6 steps).

Setting up

He made it!

Working up a sweat!

Almost there!
Feeling inspired? I know I am. Hopefully we can get a group of people together Sunday nights in the park to master the slack line. SEE YOU THERE! I'm determined to get across! And after that, maybe I'll try out some tricks like these:


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