Monday, November 18, 2013

The "no-jurisdiction" jurisdiction

So on my way home from work, I'm stopped at the light to turn left (turns out to be a very important detail) onto 741 in that horrendous intersection at Austin Blvd, when the car behind me runs into me. They were behind me, stopped at the light, for a good minute so why they decided to push the pedal to the metal when I'm still sitting there is beyond me.

We sit there awkwardly for a minute, stuck at the torturous intersection when the car pulls around me to the right. At this moment I thought, "she must be pulling over so we can exchange information," so I follow. Then, she guns it. This is the moment I realize the game we are about to play...

I speed up and follow so I can get her license plate number but she takes a sharp u-turn right into the busy traffic. My blood was boiling but the tiny "license plate dings" on my back bumper were not enough to kill myself over, so the next logical thing to do was report this hit and run to the cops.

For the next 30 minutes, I would be juggled by 3 dispatchers who couldn't decide which jurisdiction I was in.
"Which road were you on?"
"Which way were you turning?"
"We're you headed north?"
"Are you sure?"

After being asked the same questions 10 times, I realized that this intersection is not only incredibly dangerous but also lies in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle because no one knows where you are located or where you belong.
How insane is this?
45 minutes later, a state trooper showed up - because they still couldn't decide which jurisdiction I was in. Then as I was describing the car, I gave him the first 3 digits of the license plate and this picture.

He said it was a Chevy.

The trooper wasn't impressed with my "dents" or my detective work, but my drawing skills are sure to put her behind bars.

Stay safe Dayton.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you

The realization that I will never see my dad again, hug him or hear his laugh, hits me [] but some days it hits me like a train, and in the most unexpected ways.

Yesterday, I was driving home and the radio announcer introduced a new Christina Aguilera song. I figured with pop stars these days, it would be another electronic dance hit, but when the song started playing, what I felt was unexpected.

By the end of the song, I was pulled over on the side of the highway crying hysterically muttering the words of the song in that horrible cry/singing voice that only you can understand. 

"Say something, I'm giving up on you. I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you."

I think about all the times I/we tried to save him and all the times that in my/our efforts to save him, I/we ended up more hurt. It's hard not to feel the guilt, I know we all do, and I know that unfortunately some people look at my sisters and I with judging eyes as if we could have done something worked some sort of miracle.

If only they really, truly, knew.....

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Let the wedding planning begin! I can't believe we already have a wedding date! Originally we wanted a Fall 2014 wedding, but much to our surprise, all the venues we were interested were booked out through next fall. A comfortable outdoor venue was important to us though, and one of my number one rules is "I don't want to sweat on my wedding" so we decided on Spring 2015 - cross your fingers for sunshine.

As we searched for a rustic but elegant venue, we narrowed our choice down to Benhams Grove and The Willow Tree Inn. Benhams is a beautiful venue and we were very impressed but with a wedding party of our size, our only option for the reception was a tent. While tents are fine, we wanted some rustic elements and the thought of decorating a blank canvas like a white tent made the dollar signs in my head spin.

The Willow Tree Inn offers a beautiful backdrop, a rustic barn, and comfortable amenities. Bingo.

I fell in love with the Willow Tree when I sang there for a wedding in the 7th grade. I told myself ever since then that I wanted to get married there. *It captivated me* After meeting the new owners, I was pleased to learn that they married at the Willow Tree in 2000 and also fell in love, so much so that they bought the place about 2 years ago and have been renovating it ever since.

A beautiful old Victorian Home

Beautiful scenery

The Barn - Love love love

Now that we have the date and the venue, the rest of the fun begins! Adam just wants to know when we can go taste testing :)

xoxox - the future Mrs. Blimbaum

New Beginnings

A lot has changed for me in the past few months, which has lead me on a journey to ground myself again. I crave and need creativity to keep me grounded and sane. After over a year off from blogging, I cannot express how grateful I am to be able to look back at my life a year ago, and remember why I love writing so much. I have always claimed that I am not a great writer, I just truly enjoy the art of expression. However, when I read back on posts, I realize, that practice makes perfect. I'm not so bad after all, but boy am I rusty now!

In the past 3 months, Adam and I have moved in together, we are now happily engaged, my father passed away, and I am starting a new job at work. How is that for adaptability!? Big life events, create time for reflection. It's time to focus on ME again, and my new life with Adam, who is arguably the most fantastic, loving, amazing man on this earth. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have him in my life. How did I get so lucky?

To start, I want to share with you my new page Life List. I have been walking around with my iPhone Bucket List checking things off as I go, but time moves so fast, we can lose sight of all that we want to accomplish. I want to bring my Life List back into focus!

What is on your Bucket List/ Life List? What do you want to accomplish before life passes by?

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