Wednesday, February 16, 2011


First things first...

Why the hell do people get so angry on Valentine's Day? Channel: Teenage girls.

My Facebook was blowing up Monday with what seemed to be like hate mail. My news feed was littered with status updates like "I am going to walk up town and throw rocks at every couple I see" and "I f*cking hate today!!!! AHHHH" and "Dear today, please end! Please and thank you, Stars and hearts xoxox love, ME." and my personal favorite:

"The ancient Roman emperor Claudius executed St. Valentine on Feb 14th during the Golden Ages in Rome for illegally marrying young Roman citizens in opposition of the ban of Claudius during the wars in Rome... Happy V-Day."

I hate it when people get super serious about Valentine's Day.. so let me just say this:

Valentine's Day is not intended to make little teenage girls angry and sit around feeling sorry for themselves all day. If you are miserable on Valentine's Day, it's your fault. Now before you get all fired up again... I don't mean, it's your fault you are single... I mean, it's your fault you are miserable and having a pity party. I refuse to be the goody bag at your pity party!!

In my eyes, the point of Valentine's Day is for people to be able to take a step back from their busy lives, slow down, and have a nice evening with their significant other. What's wrong with tokens of appreciation every now and again?

Okay.. now to the point:

As long as I can remember, I have wanted a pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers... until I got a real pair, I settled with multiple pairs of Fay-Bans (Fake Ray-Bans).

The sad thing is.. not all of the Fay-Bans I have owned are pictured. Well, this V-Day, my love Adam bought me my first pair of REAL-BANS! I love them. DC, especially Georgetown, where I work, is full of fashion and I feel so good walking around with my sunglasses on!! :)

And, just for the record... Adam and I are 342 miles away... and according to Google Maps, it would take me 4 days 12 hours and 23 minutes to walk to him. So take THAT overly dramatic teenage girls. Now stop looking so desperate because when you're happy, you're sexy.  Ha

P.S. My roommate loves me:
"Hi - Balls - Steff (the superb roomie)"


  1. I did! I love them. They fit like a glove! Thank you babe :)


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