Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gobble Gobble Biatch

GUESS WHAT?!!?! Okay, most of you already know because you saw me buttttttt... I GOT TO GO HOME FOR THANKSGIVING!

I was ecstatic when I found out that I would be home for the holidays, even though Thanksgiving has never been a huge holiday for my family. I think that my mom did a great job of making sure we had family dinners growing up, and even as we got older, we maintained a sense of appreciation for family dinners. Since our Thanksgivings usually include my sisters, my mom, and my brother-in-law, it is usually just a normal day around the house but with more food to bash! Small and quaint :)

The past few years however, we have been going to my brother-in-laws family Thanksgiving. There are kids running around, and my mom doesn't have to cook as much so it's perfect. Plus, Patrick has been a huge part of our family since I was about 12 years old so his family is now our family.

This is the part where I bore you with family photos:
I enjoyed seeing you all so much and I'll be back in less than a month for Christmas! Brandy, can we not get roofied this time (seriously, though) Don't ask.

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