Thursday, December 2, 2010

Call Me A Dreamer

Call me voyeuristic, call me creepy, call me curious... but I can't help but wonder how other people live their lives and what they're all about.

I'm surrounded by buildings where half the lights are out, and I wonder what are these people about. What do they do for a living? How much do they make? Is it enough? Do they have a family? What are their worries? Troubles? How do they escape from it all?

Growing up, if I couldn't subdue my mind or worries, I would go for a drive. Now, my car wasn't the most luxurious but it was my sanctuary. A little red/orange/magenta (the color is still undecided) '96 Dodge Neon Sport.. complete with my favorite accessory, the sunroof.. oh and the confetti seats were super stylish.

On a bad day, I would hop in my car, roll down the windows, and blast Such Great Heights by Postal Service. This is really where my love for music came about... lyrics and their unequivocal ability to make you feel what the songwriter was feeling at that very moment.. a peak into their lives. I would dream about driving until I couldn't drive anymore. Destination unknown. It didn't matter. I just wanted to GO, and see what else was out there. I would idle through neighborhoods and catch a glimpse of other families in their homes and wonder are they as lost as me?

My 17 year old self still had a lot to learn and now at 23, I think I have learned how to better align my expectations with reality. I still have so much left to learn... but I'm still a dreamer.. and I still wonder what your lives are all about.

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