Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Next week, Georgetown Cupcakes in D.C. is starting a show on TLC called D.C. Cupcakes! Since I work in Georgetown, it only seemed fair that I wait in line to see what these $3 cupcakes were all about.
I picked the first cupcake that stood out to me: Lemon Berry :) I cannot imagine working in that small of a space with video cameras in my face. It would be enough to throw me over the edge, but I think they'll survive with the sweet smell of heavenly cupcakes lingering the background. I carefully wrapped my beautifully delicate cupcake in parchment paper and headed back to the office. If I was going to enjoy this cupcake, it wasn't going to be under my umbrella in the rain...

My cupcake was a little melted but it survived and was delicious!

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