Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where Was Matthew McConaughey??

Screen on the Green is an outdoor movie night featured in 11 locations around D.C.
The location that I was invited to was conveniently placed between the Washington Monument and the Capital Building. I stepped off the metro at the Smithsonian station unaware that the famous monuments I had only seen pictures of, would be the backdrop to the huge screening of Goldfinger.
It was a perfect setting and I was almost expecting Matthew McConaughey to whip around the corner and sweep me off my feet with his brown colored M&M's ("because they're the only ones with no artificial coloring").
30 minutes into the movie and about three hours into cheese and wine time (note to self: bring more wine) it started to pour! I actually didn't mind... I loved watching adults run through puddles and splash around like kids again.

It was an unexpected end to a great night :)

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