Thursday, August 12, 2010


Yesterday I was walking to lunch trying to stay cool in this blistering heat. I have this theory where if I take slow steady breaths and smile, the heat won't bug me. It never succeeds, but anyways.. I was walking through Georgetown with a smile on my face (my heat-ignoring tactic), when this guys steps in front of me and goes:

Man: HEY!
awkward startling pause
Man: Do you like horses?!
immediate defensive response
Me: NO!
I kept walking, confused as to what just happened, and determined to escape from this awkward conversation. As I was walking away, I heard Man say this, disappointingly in the background:
Man: Lame.

As I got further away I couldn't help but laugh. This man jumped in front of me and made me feel so uncomfortable that I said I didn't like HORSES! Who doesn't like horses?! The man startled me and caught me off guard so much that he could have said, "Do you like babies?" and I probably would have said no.

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