Friday, August 13, 2010

Digital Death

Twitter just released a new plan that allows family members to petition and remove Twitter accounts for their deceased loved ones.
Just a thought: Are gay couples allowed to petition their deceased partners Twitter account too or is the Bible against that as well...
Anywho, I have had a few encounters with haunting, deceased Facebook accounts. For example, one of my friends passed away last summer after a long hard fight with Leukemia at only 18 years old. Facebook sends me constant reminders like, "Reconnect with Blake." and "Wish Blake a happy 19th birthday!" Not to mention, the countless wall posts saying, "Thinking of you. Wishing you were here," on my news feed.

Of course, these reminders make me sad, but more so, they make me happy. It is nice to be able to look back on Blake's profile, and others that have passed and be able to "pay your respects" or browse through old photos to remember.In this case, Blake's family "took over" his account information to update and thank Blake's social network for support. I'm sure it is and was very difficult for his family to manage his profile account, but I would  like to think that they get some comfort from looking back and reading Blake's thoughts and postings from time to time.

In this day and age, we die two deaths, the physical and the digital. Or, we can let our social network sites live on as a sort of homage to our lives...

Forever 41: Blake <3

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