Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Music According to Jes: Autumn

IT'S BACK!!!!!! Woo hoo woo hooo wooo hooo.

I thought the jet-setting days of Life According to Jes were over the day I left DC, but in a stroke of luck (maybe?) I am in Georgia this week for work and I am leaving Friday for Chicago to visit my handsome Jew boy. The Hampton Inn in Toccoa, GA may not be as luxurious as the Four Seasons Maui (ouch.. missing out on this still stings), and I may not even have a nice plush robe waiting for me in the closet, or even a real headboard to the bed, but it is travel nonetheless and I am grateful for it.

Every trip needs good music, so while the scarves warm my neck, this playlist warms my soul.

**Updates from this week of travel to come soon! (and my disastrous attempt at cake pops).


  1. Diggin the Fall Playlist while I get ready for work!! The Cake shout-out shows depth to your taste

  2. Finallllly fall playlist! :D Listening to it all day at work. Love you


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