Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Right Where We Left Off

My childhood best friend and I hadn't seen each other in going on four years!! Marg and I met when I moved to Michigan in the 2nd grade and by the time I left at the end of my 5th grade year, we were just too close to say "goodbye." Our college years made it tough to meet up, but when Marg called me back in December about the New Kids On The Block Backstreet Boys Concert #NKOTBSB in Washington DC, how could I say no!?

I was a grossly huge Backstreet Boys fan back in the day. Don't even get my sister started on the red and black BSB bucket hat I insisted on wearing around town.. my AIM screen name was even jba4ngc (JesBA4NicholasGeneCarter).. only because BSBgirl was taken. My top bunk bed became a shrine with posters lining the walls and ceiling.

My older sister was a huge New Kids fan so I also grew up listening to them, and playing with the Donnie and Joey Barbie Dolls. She even owned the NKOTB bed sheet set (I'm sure you did too).

So, the concert was ridiculous (as to be expected) and the classiest scariest most interesting crowd of women gathered outside of the Verizon Center to cheer on their main men. The concert was full of pelvis thrusting, surprisingly still ripped bods, screaming/panting women, love ballads, and cheesy dance moves (oh and Kevin the boring one didn't show up.. even better!). It was a night to remember.

"Backstreets Back ALRIGHT!"

"Please don't go girllllllllllll"
"We would like to thank Kevin for not being a part of this reunion tour.. because he is weird and boring."

Here's to promising not to wait four more years!
Love you :)

Marg and I :)

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