Monday, May 23, 2011

When life gives you lemons.. make Jello shots

A lot of exciting things are going on in my life right now and I can't share them with you yet!! Because 1) I don't want to jinx myself  2) in case someone other than my mom actually reads this 3) because when/if the news is final I'll tell you :)

In other news, I made some super cool Jello shots! I wish I came up with the idea myself, but I got the recipe from this blog "That's So Michelle" which is full of goodies. I made the Jello shots for my kickball team. We are entering our last game of the season before playoffs and I can't believe how quickly Spring has come and gone. This is my second season playing kickball and I have met some amazing people. Plus, you can't go wrong drinking on the National Mall with great company and an amazing view.

All you need is 10 lemons (makes 40 shots), a box of your choice of Jello mix, one cup of water, and one cup of vodka.

First, half the lemons and hallow them out (you can use the lemon guts to make homemade lemonade!) then add the Jello/vodka mixture. Once they have cooled over night, cut them in quarters to complete the shots. Click here for full instructions on how to make the Jello shots and homemade lemonade.

*a couple of tips: 1) I had to make mine a day early because of work and they didn't hold out that well, so it is best to make them the day before 2) get ripe/tough lemons rather than soft ones so the peel is more durable 3) get an extra box to Jello in case you need to add it to some of the lemon halves to fill them up (depends on the size of the lemons) 4) not fun to make if you have a cut on your hand 5) steal a few for yourself before you  put them out because they will be gone quick!

Tribute to my team: WHERE MY PITCHES AT?!

*Ashley not pictured


  1. They look delish! And perfect for summer. I have some great recipes too. Follow me at

  2. Thank you Jenny! Your blog is adorable and I love the Derby hat ideas!

  3. This is awesome post .Thank you! what is the name of that granite under the make jello shots.


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