Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wait! Why Weren't You Holding The Bird?!

Remember my old post about staying at the Ritz in Atlanta.. well I promised ridiculous photos and here you go:

We didn't pose for this at all... wink* wink*
Well, whenever I have a bad day (such as today) I'll just look at this picture and chuckle. After this picture was taken I looked at my sister (far right. Isn't she cute..) and said "WAIT! WHY WEREN'T YOU HOLDING THE BIRD!?"(note the cute white birds on the table). The best part is, I was dead serious. I had managed to convince myself that perhaps the picture would be complete if she were only holding a bird.. or maybe it would look like we didn't pose but that that bird just belonged in her tiny hands...

I watch too much Disney.

Fascinated by the decor.. I'm easily amused.

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