Thursday, October 21, 2010


Leaving Athens is never easy, especially when that means leaving my family and friends in Ohio. I did however have an amazing weekend in the promise land. Kegs n' eggs at 8am was considered a mild morning compared to others who were waiting at the bar door at 5am or those who didn't even bother sleeping (I'm amazed by their super strength).

After having at least 5 shots by 11 am... I regretfully didn't last past 9pm. This may sound like a failure to Bobcats but I did however drink heavily for 12 straight hours so I did my best....

Well for now, I'm in Atlanta for a conference and I'm staying at the Hotel Palomar Midtown. It is absolutely beautiful and it is pet friendly so it's nice to see a lot of furry friends around here! The conference ends Friday, but I am staying for the weekend to visit with my sister! :)

P.S. Last night at dinner we had a $450 wine tab... awesome night = bad tomorrow.

I'll update when I get back in D.C. next week.


Hotel Palomar Atlanta lobby and fish tank!

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