Sunday, September 26, 2010

Warning: Lava isn't Fun to Eat

I'm sorry for my lack of posting last week.. I'm sure you were all checking your computers every hour anticipating another blow your mind blog post, and I apologize for letting you down.

However, I was busting my ass all week in Philadelphia for my first grown-up business lady work trip. Hustle and bustle. We arrived by train which is a short 2 hour trip to the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia. It is a beautiful hotel and the staff was amazing. "Yes Ms. Armstrong," this, "yes Ms. Armstrong," that (royalty treatment)... and the FOOD?!... Amazing.

The company card helped as well. Four days of great food and wine and.... cha ching!.. all on the company. It's enough to spoil a girl. As soon as I got back Friday I was too exhausted to cook, and had no food so I had pizza delivered. I stared at my pathetic debit card... shaking my head. Damn it. This ones on me.

As you know, I was on the hunt for an authentic Philly cheese steak, and let me tell ya. It was an experience..

Before I added the "hot" sauce
 First of all, I pictured cheese steaks as full of mushroom sauce and oozy goodness. But to my surprise, it came dry with cheese and sauteed onions.. the "saucing" is up to you. Maybe you can order it with mushrooms... I dunno... I'm a newbie.

I decided to go with Geno's because that is what my Twitter friends recommended.. and I'd say by the size of the crowd that we made the popular choice.

So, I made my way to the sauce counter to pick my poison. Hot sauce?!.. Score! It was even in one of those nifty ketchup pump things so I thought "perfect! I love hot sauce! This looks so yummy!" .... I sat down, had my first bite, and thought to myself.. this hot sauce has a bit of a bite and I like it. In a twist of irony, Mo sat down and said, "I hope this hot sauce isn't too hot because I put a lot on mine." We carried on eating our subs and conversing when all the sudden we both got completely silent.

HOLY SHIT THIS IS HOT!!! She was choking, I was coughing and gaging, we were both basically crying. At that moment we both made eye contact with our miserable tear filled eyes and started cracking up because at the time we didn't know what else to do about our pain. The only thing to temporarily dull the pain was to rub ice on your lips. That shit needs to come with a disclaimer!! It wasn't hot sauce, it was lava. This is what the disclaimer should look like:


  1. June 2011 - A redo is needed. This time at Pat's and with ZERO hot sauce.

  2. LOL i would have died too; I can only handle spice so much. Glad to see you writing about my favorite topic: FOOD!

  3. Coming from an expert Philly dweller (a whopping 1 year under my belt) Geno's and Pat's are the exact same-I don't care what ppl say. And another thing, the only thing good about their cheesteaks is the bread! Everything else is mediocre. Such a bust. Save the trip and get a cheesesteak in dc at any ole fast food place.


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