Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

So tomorrow I leave for my first "work trip".. destination Philadelphia.

The last time and only time I've ever been to Philadelphia was for my 8th grade class trip. It was the most boring trip of my life. We listened to an Abraham Lincoln impersonator talk for 3 hours... it went like this:

in 1809 I was born
in 1810 I learned to walk
in 1819 I turned 10
in 1820 I kicked a ball, one time, in a field
in 1865 I was shot in the head and died.

Every 8th grader's nightmare. You know what? Any sane person's nightmare. It was quite possibly the worst 3 hours of my life. I still remember it.

And I kept trying to free myself from the "buddy system" long enough to get a cheese steak from a street vendor and my teachers kept yelling at me and pulling me away before I could get my grubby mits on one.

Part of the reason why our trip was so miserable was due to that fact that it was thrown together last minute. We had originially planned on going to DC to tour The White House and all that fun stuff, but September 11th was only a month before we left so one board meeting full of terrified parents later, led us to Philly.

I'm excited to go to Philly as an adult because I have heard great things about the city.. my favorite show originated there (it's Always Sunny In Philadelphia), I get to get myself a damn cheese steak, and I finally get to put faces to the people I have been emailing for 2 months now.

Plus, we're staying at the Four Seasons Hotel, and who doesn't love indoor pools?

I'm not sure how much email access I'll have during the week but I will try to update you all if possible. If not, I'll be back Friday! :) Any suggestions on the best place to get my cheese steak fix?

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