Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It Feels Like Home to Me

What does home feel like to you?

Home = my bed. You may think this is laziness, but fear not, sleeping is my favorite hobby. I am damn good at it.
After a long hard day, or a booze filled night, nothing sounds better to me than staying in bed all day. Whether that means painting in bed, eating in bed, or just watching tacky Lifetime movies all day in bed.

I think that a person's bedroom is a looking glass to the soul. The rest of the house is common decor suitable for guests, but the bedroom.. free reign. I love decorating and playing with color, so moving into my new room is exciting for me. I was on the hunt for the perfect comforter, and I found it, at Anthrolopolie. I spent some dough on it, but my excuse?  

My bed = home.
Home Sweet Home

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