Wednesday, February 29, 2012

oh, how PINTERESTing: 3

There is not much in this world that I enjoy as much as an awesome, new, silver ring (preferably adorned with  big turquoise rock)!

For today's PINTERESTing Wednesday, I wanted to share with you some of my favorites.

This one reminds me of my big sis - and I love the nails!

This inspires me to sneak out at lunch to stop by the Native American Jewelry Store down the road. 
Full of stones and treasures!

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

"Rock" on,



  1. love all the rings...I used to do that when I was kid...stack all my rings up and then play store clerk...there is nothing more fun than having tons of rings on and pushing that or fake nails...or I might be alone on that one...

    1. Haha that's awesome. I loved fake nails - still do actually. Stop me from biting my nails! (temporarily at least). Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. great pins... i'm obsessed with rings =) xo

    pebbz |

    1. I see the rings on your site too! I will definitely come back and check them out after work ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. ok...this post makes me want to go shopping for some rings and bangles!
    I LOVE your blog header!

    1. Seriously! First stop, my Grandma's jewelry box :) She has the best vintage jewelry!


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