Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Date Night

Adam and I like to meet in the middle for Date Night on those long days when you just can't wait until the weekend for a nice dinner together and a warm hug :)

We stumbled upon one of our favorite places in Monroe, Ohio. About a 40 minute drive for the both of us.

The Red Onion Cafe is one of those breath of fresh air, diamond in the rough, sigh of relaxation type places in the middle of small town Ohio (I guess a lot of our towns are "small"). The website and exterior does not do it justice.

I ordered the Jumbo Shrimp and Crab Four Cheese Alfredo and let me tell ya! Incredible! I think I stopped between every bite to tell Adam how incredible it was.. in case he forgot.

Adam ordered the Hand-cut 12oz Choice Sirloin Strip Steak and he was a big fan as well.

Cheers to spontaneous date nights :)



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