Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cabin Getaway

The holidays are over and life has resumed as it was. My friends are in different cities and my boyfriend and I are back to splitting our time between Dayton and Cincinnati (this is way better than Cincinnati and DC for the record. I just really miss him during the week). I know everyone had a case of the "bahumbugs" today with the first day back at work. My older sister also had to go back to work today after maternity leave and take my 9 week old niece Gwenyth to daycare for the first time. So, she had a tougher day than the rest of us. Luckily she is the strongest person I know, and I know she will be able to pick things back up at work while continuing to be the best mom in the world. She'll find her balance. She always does.

Today, I daydreamed about the perfect vacation - a cabin getaway in West Virginia. We stayed at Mill Creek Cabins and I definitely recommend them! The cabin was clean and was stocked with fire wood, a full kitchen, and plenty of towels for the hot tub outside. We didn't even have to check in. The keys were waiting on Cabin #5's table and we left them where we found them as we quietly left the next morning. The drive through WV was just as gorgeous as the cabin with plenty of lookouts and roadside waterfalls.

It was truly paradise...

As we were leaving the cabin, we encountered our little friend who was the sweetest dog in the world but happened to be covered in poo. Someone had a little too much fun in the wilderness. Well the sneaky snake kept creeping into our pictures and I love poo dog for it.

This makes me crack up every time. Poo Dog!

Thank you Adam for the perfect getaway that I will never forget.




  1. oh my dear goodness. i need to find a gorgeous cabin like that closer to home.. this one looks to be about 10 hrs away :( rats! it looks amazinnnnggggggg.

    hahaha poo dog. that is ridiculous and hilarious. my dog is "boo" so i call him boo dog sometimes :)

    aaand.. my airplane ring.. i put it together :) i might have a few to put in my etsy shop in a few days.. i'm waiting for a glue to arrive.. solder doesn't quite do it with these guys.

  2. You better let me know as soon as you get that glue and I will be your first customer :)

  3. That looks so beautiful and relaxing! :) I've never been to WV but I've heard great things. Add a little bacon to it, and it's even better! :)

  4. I love, love, LOVE the last two pictures! The dog is hilarious in the one, and you and Adam are so sweet in the other. Miss you guys!

  5. looks like the perfect, cozy getaway! :)


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