Wednesday, December 21, 2011

American Horror Story Drinking Game

Who are you kidding? The office is quiet.. your mind is on vacation.. and you are only going to do minimal work tomorrow. And tonight is the FINALE of American Horror Story! So grab a bottle of wine and get a little tipsy :)

2 weeks ago, my friends and I made the American Horror Story Drinking Game.

Here are the rules (I adjusted some of rules because some things have changed since the last time we played).

1. If someone has sex - drink 2
2. If you see the young maid - drink1
3. If you see the old maid - drink 2
4. If you see the man in the black rubber suit - drink 2
5. If someone says the name Violet - drink 3
6. If some references being crazy - drink 2
7. If there is a fresh death (someone new dies) - drink 4
8. If there is a flashback - drink 1
9. If you see the red ball roll across the floor - drink 5
10. If you see the new "devil" baby - drink 4
11. If Ben Harmon finally realizes what is going on in the house - drink 5

Hey Ben Harmon

xoxox, Jes


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