Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't Read This Post

I'm not even going to post this link on Facebook or Twitter because I have high hopes that by the time you actually look at my blog, this post will be so far down the page that you won't even see this... a girl can dream.

Well, it's 10 pm on a Friday night and I have no plans... Now, I know what you're thinking.. but honestly, my only option right now it seems is a collection of guys that I hoped would be my friends and instead have resorted to trying to date me.. RUN!

So, I am not even going to ask them what they are doing and try to tag along. No thanks.. I would rather do this instead:

Yep, that's me.. alone in my house, drinking a beer, and doing pilates. In case you can't tell, I have decided to draw a diagram for you:

Much better. It must be working! I mean look at that bicep...

*this is what happens when you drink and post, or just post out of pure boredom to save yourself from going insane, which clearly didn't work because I still pushed the "Publish Post" button (which proves my insanity).

OH! My phone is ringing! Gotta go.. meeting my friend Mo at the bar :)

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