Thursday, September 16, 2010


After being crammed into an office all morning I decided to take stroll around some of the lovely shops that Georgetown in Washington DC has to offer...

I strolled into this quaint shoe store and was all.. "hmm this blat flat looks nice, I could use a pair for work... let me pick this plain black flat up and look under it to see how much it costs... ($567) Holy shit!.. set the shoe down... wipe shocked expression off face.. look up and awkwardly make eye contact with employee who obviously knows I cannot afford a single thing in the store.. but I can't leave now so I must pretend I am perusing through the store."

For the next 5 minutes I glanced at a few more shoes (to make the employee think I belonged in the store of course) and escaped. Phew.

American Apparel?!.. now that's more like it.

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