Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vegetarian "Experiment"

If you don't particularly care what Jessica eats on any given day then I apologize for this post, however some people actually want updates on the recipes I'm trying, so this my friends is for you:

Day 1: was a lazy Sunday so I just snacked all day on cheese and veggies and bagels :)

Day 2:
Day 3:
  • B: Oatmeal
  • L: Leftovers
  • D: Southwestern black bean and cheese quesadilla (cooked and broke up a black bean veggie burger and put it into my cheesy quesadilla)
Day 4: 
  • B: Oatmeal
  • L: Red pepper Hummus and cucumber sandwich on wheat with Veggie chips (my new obsession)
  • D: mozzarella sticks and any vegetarian friendly finger foods I could get my hands on at the bar 
Day 5:
  • B: A quick Special K Breakfast Bar on the Metro Bus
  • L: Black bean and Mexican rice wrap
  • D: Homemade mac & cheese YUM
Day 6:
  • B: Oatmeal <--I obviously don't switch up breakfast too much
  • L: Slice of cheese pizza
  • D: Black Bean burger from Spider Kelly's in DC (topped with yummy Guac)

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