Friday, July 23, 2010

I Like to Ramble..

So it's Friday (TGIF!) and I'm bored...

Tommy is moving here today, and my friends from school, Rohan and Ben are coming in town for the night. A little taste of home never hurt anyone :)

Now that I have a full time job, I have been thinking a lot about how people raise families and work full time. I get up at 7:40 leave the house at 8:40 and get to work at 9:30. When I get off at 5:30, it takes me about an hour to get home. So I finally walk in the door at 6:30, then what? Dinner, laundry, sit down for ten minutes, bed.

How do you people do it?! How do you fit a baby in there? or even worse, a bratty teenager! Everyday I become more appreciative of the things my mom did for me growing up (like when I moved into my first house at school and called her crying because I "appreciated her"), and this is just another way of me saying,

Mom, I appreciate you and all you do

Boss Man has his little girls in the office this morning and the little baby boinked her head right into the glass door! So cute.... Ohhh so that's why you people do it..

suddenly it all makes sense ;) I guess a little boink here and there is worth it.

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