Tuesday, October 26, 2010


After 10 days away from my new home, I forgot how beautiful DC was. A week in Atlanta almost made me forget the beautiful Autumn weather that I got to return to Sunday evening. The leaves have turned so fast over the past 10 days and the commute to work is beautiful!

Arlington Cemetery

My trip:

1. OU Homecoming was amazing! Surprise, surprise. It felt so good to be reunited with my best friends and walk on the Court Street bricks again. There were some people I would have liked to see that I didn't get the chance to due to day long binge drinking but it's so tough to cram it all in. Luckily I got Sunday afternoon to spend with my old roommates, best friends, and family. 

Going back was so much fun but I noticed that I'm not the same person I was 4 months ago, and neither are a lot of us. Relationships change over 4 months and that can't be ignored.. no matter how hard you try to ignore it. Some relationships however remained exactly the same :) Laughs are shared as if you never left. I also didn't realize how much I missed inside jokes! I say things to new friends around DC and I realize, they have no idea what I'm talking about... (followed by awkward silence and awkward laughs) ha.

2. Week long conference in Atlanta. The hotel was contemporary and beautiful and I got some free wine out of the gig :) My favorite part of the conference was dinner at the Georgia Aquarium. We had exclusivity of the aquarium from 6-7 and then had a dinner/cocktail reception from 7-9.

Underwater Tunnel
 I didn't touch the ocean until I was 18 years old so as beautiful as the aquarium was, it terrified me at the same time. I screamed when one of the bull sharks swam above me and I was around all of my "clients" so that was just dandy. But they're massive... honestly 20 feet long. How the hell am I supposed to feel comfortable getting into the ocean, pre-wrapping myself in a wet suit, and hoping on a board that is ironically shaped like a seal. Seriously? I'll pass.

3. A weekend in Atlanta with my big sister :) Due to the nature of my job, I got a free stay in the Ritz at Buckhead in Atlanta. I have never stayed in a Ritz before but walking through those massive wood and gold plated doors was enough to make you suck your cheeks in, walk straighter, tighten that gut, and smooth your hair.

My sister adopted the "Ritz walk" one foot in front of the other, ever so lightly ha. You had to see it I guess. Oh! And there was a chandelier in the elevator. No biggie.

When we approached our hotel room door we noticed massive double doors and a sign that read "Presidential Suite." We opened the doors to find a luxurious room with a kitchen, dinning room, office, living room, master bedroom and master bath. 

Only separated by 6 inches of acrylic!!!
The first-class experience was complete when we noticed the complimentary bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. We persisted to parade around the room in our robes, drinking champagne, and taking ridiculous photos.. (anticipate photos later).

I had an amazing couple of days with the people I care about most, and the job perks definitely helped! :)


  1. Jess it is so totally awesome the way you blog I felt like I was there! sure do miss you!

  2. Not that I have contemplated this or anything but a good way to explain the walk is that you walk toe first and then heal, next foot and repeat. Very gingerly of course. If anyone is confused, get up and try it. That's how you walk at the Ritz.


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