Monday, November 18, 2013

The "no-jurisdiction" jurisdiction

So on my way home from work, I'm stopped at the light to turn left (turns out to be a very important detail) onto 741 in that horrendous intersection at Austin Blvd, when the car behind me runs into me. They were behind me, stopped at the light, for a good minute so why they decided to push the pedal to the metal when I'm still sitting there is beyond me.

We sit there awkwardly for a minute, stuck at the torturous intersection when the car pulls around me to the right. At this moment I thought, "she must be pulling over so we can exchange information," so I follow. Then, she guns it. This is the moment I realize the game we are about to play...

I speed up and follow so I can get her license plate number but she takes a sharp u-turn right into the busy traffic. My blood was boiling but the tiny "license plate dings" on my back bumper were not enough to kill myself over, so the next logical thing to do was report this hit and run to the cops.

For the next 30 minutes, I would be juggled by 3 dispatchers who couldn't decide which jurisdiction I was in.
"Which road were you on?"
"Which way were you turning?"
"We're you headed north?"
"Are you sure?"

After being asked the same questions 10 times, I realized that this intersection is not only incredibly dangerous but also lies in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle because no one knows where you are located or where you belong.
How insane is this?
45 minutes later, a state trooper showed up - because they still couldn't decide which jurisdiction I was in. Then as I was describing the car, I gave him the first 3 digits of the license plate and this picture.

He said it was a Chevy.

The trooper wasn't impressed with my "dents" or my detective work, but my drawing skills are sure to put her behind bars.

Stay safe Dayton.

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