Monday, January 9, 2012

It feels good to do what you love :)

A few weeks ago, a family friend hired me to make two paintings for their new living room. They just moved into an amazing new house and needed two paintings to complement each side of the fireplace.

The vision was muted tones (greens, yellows, browns, creme..) and trees on two 3' x 4' canvas. At first, I was very intimidated by the size of the project but then one night I woke up with a "vision!"

After some trial and error, this is what I came up with!

Two 3' x 4' paintings

Showing off my paintings and scaling how big they are!
Next, I added a distressed border and plumped up the trees a little bit more.

The finished product!
The paintings turned out really well and they were a big hit during the holiday party. Lately, the only paintings I have sold were pre-made so it was a great experience to make someone else's vision come to life. Our friend provided great feedback along the way which I also appreciated. People usually just say "make what you want! I like anything..." but in the back of your mind, you worry that your customer will feel pressured to purchase. With a little guidance, I was able to provide two original paintings that complimented the living room well and more importantly our family friend really liked!

I had so much fun creating these paintings and I can't wait for the next project to come along.



  1. Jes these are great!! Good job, girl!

  2. Thanks Karen, hope all is well! :)

  3. Jes, these turned out awesome! YOU ROCK!

  4. One day, I'm going to auction off your paintings for millions. It's gonna happen ;)

  5. wow, those look great! i haven't painted in the longest time. are those oil or acrylic?

  6. Thank you everyone. They are acrylic. I should have specified :)

  7. nay. It feels GREAT to do what you love! awesome job lady!

  8. your paintings look fabulous! love your mantle!

  9. Those paintings are GORGEOUS!!!!! I would put them in my house in a second!

  10. wow they look great hung up! you're really talented!


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