Friday, December 9, 2011

You know what's funny? Honesty.

Last night, as I was leaving a Thai restaurant, a homeless woman asked me for money because she was hungry. I looked down at my neatly wrapped fried rice and I couldn't stomach walking away. So I handed them over. The woman didn't even smile, she looked at the carry out box like it had cooties and said, "I was really hoping you would give me money so I could go to the bar."

I got so mad and yelled, "You should be glad you got my DINNER!" 

Now, I know that my Thai leftovers may not be ideal (and I like it spicy).. but the restaurant messed up my order so it was a new batch of fried rice that I had barely touched..and it was still pipping hot and delicious.

Then it occurred to me... if she would have just said she wanted to go to the bar in the first place, I wouldn't feel so offended by her dis-honesty. I wanted to snatch that carry out box right back! But before I knew it she was stuffing it into her bag. It was at the point of no return... a black hole of lord knows what.

This past weekend, in Cleveland, this homeless man was standing outside of the Browns stadium with a sign that said, "Not gonna lie, need beer." People were practically swarming him with money. He was honest, and made people laugh... why do you think people love comedy so much?

Everyone loves an honest homeless man.

Everyone loves a knowledgeable homeless man.

Everyone loves a witty homeless man.

So the point of my story is... BE HONEST PEOPLE. In everything that you do. Be honest with others, and most importantly, be honest with yourself. And to the homeless people...

Make yourself look like an alcoholic and you'll make millions.

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  1. Hahaha that last sign is awesome!


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