Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It's not too late for an Easter related post, is it?!

Easter for me has never been religious. It was about waking up to a candy filled Easter basket, putting on my pretty/frilly/pastel colored Easter dress, and kicking everyone's ass in the Easter egg hunt at my Grandma's.

My boyfriend's birthday is in late April, so I stopped by the store the other week to get some last minute touches. You know, a card, candy, some fillers for the gift bag. The store was full of Easter decorations so I thought.. this might be cute! I'll give him his gift in an Easter basket! After my shopping basket was full of Easter candies, chocolate bunnies, peeps, glittery stuffing... it occurred to me that it might be a little innaproppriate to get my Jewish boyfriend an Easter basket...

After I told him this, he was actually sad because he's always wanted an Easter basket... so next year! Maybe I'll dye him some blue Easter eggs with the Star of David on it for kicks.

A few Easter laughs:

Stripper Peeps: it's a PEEPshow! Get it?!


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