Monday, September 13, 2010

I'll Pokie Your Hokie

This post is a little late but.. on Labor Day, VT played Boise.

My roommate is a VT Alumni and she had a bunch of people come in town for the kick off season game. They invited me to tailgate... How could I pass up the opportunity to day drink?! That's when I became an "Honorary Hokie."

Here I am not even doing the "VT" correctly...
Being the "Brightest crayon in the box" that I am, I was all, "So if you're called Hokies, do you guys do the HOKIE POKIE?!" (har har har).  Of course they do! They're the Hokies.

After a few drinks I was parading around the Burnt Maroon and Orange filled parking lot doing my own version of the Hokie Pokie, and saying "Wanna Pokie my Hokie?" (giggle giggle, run away). I'm classy like that. And really mature.

Steff's family was nice enough to pitch in for a football ticket for me so that I could go to the game. After about 5 hours of boozing in a hot, tar parking lot, I was ready to get my Hokie on! The game was so much fun and full of energy. It occurred to me then, that the ONLY thing, OU is missing, is the football crowd. (It's still the best place and university on earth. I mean we can't have everything, so we sacrificed our football skills to the college gods).

After all was said and done, VT lost to Boise, and I wanted to punch a few Boise girls in the face, but I had an amazing time, and work in the morning on Tuesday was hell. I'm proud to say I'm an Honorary Hokie :)

The Crowd

"I'll Pokie Your Hokie"

They're also dyslexia friendly...

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  1. 1- yes, you are mature. and thats why i love u ;)
    2- we still have the rest of the football season to capture you, take you to c-ville, and make you realize you'd rather be an honorary cavalier. WAHOOWA BIOTCH
    3- i don't have a three. but lists of two are awkward.


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